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Introducing your students to Pocket Prep

This article provides resources to help introduce yourself and your students to Pocket Prep

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Introducing Pocket Prep to Students

1. Why Pocket Prep?

Studying in a quiz format strengthens long term memory. Our study prep promotes deeper understanding and better recollection. Our exam questions accurately represent the exam content and are based on the official exam blueprint.

To gain a deeper understanding of Pocket Prep, we recommend watching this short video that explains the design behind the app. You can also share the video or this article with your students to introduce them to Pocket Prep and its features.

2. Sending Licenses to Students - When you are ready to give students access to Pocket Prep review this article for instructions on sending license invites through the Dashboard. 

The email will look like the following image. Please note this is only an example. The email will include your name and the name of the Dashboard account you created. To activate their account, students simply need to click on "Activate License Code" and follow the steps to activate.

Pro Tip:  The best way to get students to activate their licenses quickly is to send invites to them during class and go through the process of activating licenses in-person. You can confirm all licenses have been activated from Settings tab of your Instructor Dashboard account.  Once students have activated their license encourage them to do a Question of the Day, Quick 10, or Build Your Own quiz.

If you can't activate licenses in class, inform students about Pocket Prep and let them know they will receive an email invitation to activate their license.

The license activation process is simple. We have provided an example email, you can send to students, with detailed steps on activation, a link to the video, and guidance on downloading the app after activation.


---------------------Copy below this line-------------------


As part of this class you have been issued lifetime access to Pocket Prep's mobile test prep app for the (Add your exam here) exam. You will be receiving an email invitation to activate your account from [email protected]. Please activate your account as soon as possible.

1. How to activate your account:

  • If you DO NOT have a Pocket Prep account - open the email, click Activate License Code, fill out the form, and click Start Studying.

  • If you DO have a personal Pocket Prep Study account already - login to your account, open the email you receive, click the +Activate License Code button and you will go straight to the license activation process.

2. Watch this brief video introduction to the Pocket Prep app.

3. Download the app on your phone via the Google Play or Apple Store. Instructor Note: This is where you can customize your message to point students to the correct Pocket Prep App.

4. Take your first Quick-10 quiz!

Thank you,

Your Signature

--------------------- End of Email Copy -------------------

3. Download the Pocket Prep App - For the optimal mobile experience, we recommend students download our app after activating their license. Our app provides exam preparation for hundreds of exams across various fields. To find and download our app, students should search for "Pocket Prep" and their exam name in either the Apple App Store or Google Play Store. Look for the app logo depicted below to ensure you download the correct app

4. Pocket Prep Tips and Best Practices to Share with Students - To maximize the effectiveness of Pocket Prep, and ensure your students are fully prepared for their exam, we recommend completing all questions with a score of 80% or higher. Encouraging your students to strive for this benchmark will significantly enhance their mastery of the exam material.

Pocket Prep Tips

  • Reinforce the Importance of Regular Practice: Encourage students to make Pocket Prep a part of their daily study routine. Remind them that consistent practice builds confidence and boosts their chances of success. Encourage them to complete a Quick 10 or Build Your Own Quiz to get them engaged and using right away. We see the best long term success when people jump in and start using early on.

  • Set Clear Study Goals: Work with your students to establish specific study goals, such as completing a certain number of practice questions or covering a particular topic each week. Breaking down the preparation process into manageable chunks can keep them motivated and focused.

  • Get it Wrong: Let your students know that getting answers wrong is part of the learning process. This helps us recognize where we have more to learn and so we can focus on understanding the explanations.

  • Foster Peer Support: Encourage your students to form study groups or engage in discussions where they can share insights and help each other. Collaboration and peer support can enhance their learning experience.

5. Implementation Ideas - Last, but not least, check this link for more ideas on using Pocket Prep in your program.

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