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Instructor Dashboard Updates 1.1: Content tab and student Study Activity updates
Instructor Dashboard Updates 1.1: Content tab and student Study Activity updates
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Pocket Prep is happy to announce new functionality for the Instructor Dashboard. We couldn’t have made these features happen without the great feedback we’ve received, and we can’t wait to collaborate more in the future to continue improving your Instructor Dashboard experience. There are several new updates. Below is a summary of the latest updates.

Improved Visibility into Overall Question Progress

Instructors have additional visibility into how their class and individual students are engaging with Pocket Prep, where they’re doing well, and where they may need more help.

When viewing a group of your students from the Content tab you can view All questions in the question bank for your exam, and also see questions Flagged by students. Students may flag questions for many reasons. For example, they may flag a question to learn more later because they need help on a topic. As an Instructor, reviewing the flagged questions can provide insight into topics students may need the most help in understanding.

You can also filter by subject to narrow your focus or search questions by keyword or topic for a more targeted review.

With the All and Flagged tabs you can see how many times a particular question has been Answered, % of students answering Correctly, and the number of times a question has been Flagged by your students.

Each column is also sortable. This allows you to identify the most and least answered questions, the highest or lowest scores on for each question, and most or least flagged questions. Simple click on any of the columns and toggle between high to low to gain valuable insights into your class and identify areas where students may be be excelling or need more help.

Improved View into Student Responses to Specific Questions

By clicking on any of the questions from the above view you will be entered into the following screen for the question you selected. The following screen provides detailed view of the question, including all possible answers, the correct answer, explanation details of the answer, why it is correct, and the reference source for the answer.

To see more details on the question select the icon outlined in red below along with checking the View Names box. This allows you to see the answers students selected, how many students answered the question, the % of students who answered it correctly, and how many times it has been flagged.

To view additional questions in this view you can either select another question from the left panel, or the left or right arrows at the bottom of the screen. To go back into the Instructor Dashboard select Back to Content in the upper left corner of the screen.

Improved View of Student Quiz Results

When you view a specific student's activity from the Content tab you see what questions they have answered, flagged, answered incorrectly, and answered correctly. This allows you to see their performance and understand areas where they may need additional support. You can also Filter by Subject or Search Questions by keyword or topic

Additionally, from the student's Stats tab and Study Activity you can click on any quiz they completed and view each question the student answered in the quiz.

1. From the Stats tab select a student from your roster on the left side of the screen

2. Select the exam you want to review from their Study Activity

3. The quiz summary will pop out to the right of the screen. It will summarize the quiz results by:

  • Overall Quiz Score

  • # of questions correct / # of questions in quiz

  • Questions Answered, Flagged, Incorrect, and Correct

4. Click on a quiz question to open up the full question

Similar to the group view, if you click on a question a student has answered within a specific study activity quiz you will see a more detailed view of the question, possible answers, and the correct answer. Select the icon outlined in red below to see the stats on how many students have answered the question, the % who answered it correctly, and # of times the questions has been flagged by a student.

To get back to the Stats page in the Instructor Dashboard select the Back to Stats button in upper left corner of the screen.

If you have any questions or feedback about these features, or the update itself, please reach out to us!

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