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Pocket Prep Tips and Best Practices
Pocket Prep Tips and Best Practices

This article provides some general tips and best practices to get the most from Pocket Prep

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To maximize the effectiveness of Pocket Prep, and ensure your students are fully prepared for their exam, we recommend completing all questions with a score of 80% or higher. Encouraging your students to strive for this benchmark will significantly enhance their mastery of the exam material.

Pocket Prep Tips

  • Reinforce the Importance of Regular Practice: Encourage students to make Pocket Prep a part of their daily study routine. Remind them that consistent practice builds confidence and boosts their chances of success. Encourage them to complete a Quick 10 or Build Your Own Quiz to get them engaged and using right away. We see the best long term success when people jump in and start using early on.

  • Set Clear Study Goals: Work with your students to establish specific study goals, such as completing a certain number of practice questions or covering a particular topic each week. Breaking down the preparation process into manageable chunks can keep them motivated and focused.

  • Get it Wrong: Let your students know that getting answers wrong is part of the learning process. This helps us recognize where we have more to learn and so we can focus on understanding the explanations.

  • Foster Peer Support: Encourage your students to form study groups or engage in discussions where they can share insights and help each other. Collaboration and peer support can enhance their learning experience.

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