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Level Up Quiz Mode for Students (Beta)
Level Up Quiz Mode for Students (Beta)

This article summarizes our new quiz-based game feature where questions increase in difficulty as the learner progresses through each level.

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Level Up Aims to Address a Common Challenge in Exam Preparation

Studying for certification exams can be a daunting task, often leading to discouragement among learners. Research indicates that practice quizzes featuring questions that are either too easy or too hard can significantly impact a student's motivation to study. Pocket Prep understands this challenge and is proud to introduce Level Up as the solution.

Our Level Up quiz mode introduces an exciting and interactive game that allows users to test their knowledge. As users advance through the levels, the questions become progressively more challenging, providing a consistent and motivating learning experience. In order to progress to the next level, users must answer 85% of the questions correctly. This feature keeps learners engaged and continuously encourages them to enhance their understanding.

Ways to incorporate Level Up in your class:

  1. Assess how a group of students do on the same set of questions through a a series of Level Up quizzes. For example, ask your students to “complete levels 1-4 in subject X”.

  2. Challenge your students in-class to see who can complete the most levels, within a specific subject, in 15 minutes.

  3. Level 1 should be easy - how many questions are your students getting right in a specific subject?

After completing a Level Up quiz, you can view all exam questions in the Content tab. Filter by Subject to see questions answered in a specific subject. Sort questions by Answered or % Correct to gauge student performance. Click on any question for more details.

To view results of a specific student's Level Up quiz (or any other quiz), follow these steps:

1. Go to the Stats tab and select the student from the roster.

2. Navigate to their Study Activity area.

3. Choose the quiz that you want to view.

4. The quiz questions the student answered will appear on the right side of the screen. You can also click any of the questions to get a more detailed view.

Below are visuals of what a user sees in their Exam Prep account

Upon selecting the Level Up feature, students will be presented with the following message.

Students then have the opportunity to select their subject and Start Quiz

Students receive motivating messages as they progress through levels.

Level Up FAQs

Q. How does it work?

A: For students to use this they can click the Level Up quiz mode from their Study tab in the web-based version of the app, and start studying!

Q. Are questions in Level Up different from the main question bank?

A: Level Up questions are from your main bank - they are not new questions.

Q. Can students customize how they see answers?

A: They will always see answers as they go.

Q. How do students move to the next level?

A: Once a student has correctly answered 85% of the questions in a level, they will level up. This means sometimes they may not see all questions from the level.

Q. If a student already answered their entire question bank, why are they still at level 1 in Level Up?

A: Questions they answer in other quiz modes will not impact their level.

Q. Why can’t a student access Level up from their mobile app?

A: The Level Up beta is only available on the web-based version of the app.

Q. Does Level Up use adaptive technology?

A: Level Up is the main question bank, divided into levels based on difficulty. It does not use adaptive technology, and is not meant to mimic an adaptive exam.

Q. How do you determine question difficulty?

A: We track the percentage of attempts each of our questions are answered correctly. The higher the percentage, the easier the question.

Level Up Feedback

We value your feedback as you and your students explore Level Up. Please share any thoughts or experiences you have with us regarding its functionality and effectiveness in your program. We would greatly appreciate it if you could email us at [email protected]. Your feedback will help us continue to improve and optimize the Level Up experience. Thank you!

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