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Ideas on how to implement Pocket Prep into your organization’s program

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Engaging students from the beginning and consistently using Pocket Prep each week can greatly enhance their chances of success. Here are some ways to incorporate Pocket Prep into your program and maximize its value.

1. Get Students Engaged Early with Pocket Prep Quiz Modes - Encourage students to activate their license, download the Pocket Prep app, and complete either a Quick 10 or Build Your Own quiz as soon as possible. You can view their quiz activity and outcomes in the Dashboard at the student level, under Student Activity. Afterward, it is important to encourage consistent weekly usage and keep track of their progress using the Dashboard.

  • Quick 10 - Provides 10 random questions from different subjects or domains.

  • Build Your Own - Allows students to focus on a specific subjects or domain.

  • Missed Question/Weakest Subject - These quiz modes provide students with the opportunity to spend focused time on areas where they may need assistance in order to fill in any gaps in their learning.

2. Incorporating Pocket Prep into your class or program’s grade - To boost motivation, facilitate learning, and maximize the benefits of Pocket Prep, consider incorporating the app usage into students' grades.

For instance, if a student answers 80% of the Pocket Prep questions correctly, you can assign them an 80% grade on a specific portion of their overall grade. To further incentivize students, you can introduce bonus points for the number of questions they answer correctly. By making it clear that Pocket Prep contributes to their grade, students are more likely to actively utilize the app.

Pro Tip: To help students stay on track, you can divide the total number of questions in Pocket Prep by the number of weeks in your program. Set clear expectations for students to complete all the questions by the end of the program.

3. Teach the Teacher - Utilize Pocket Prep questions and subjects for student assignments, allowing them to give brief lessons to their teacher and classmates. This promotes active engagement, understanding of the material, and a collaborative learning environment.

4. Class Discussion with Pocket Prep Questions - Facilitate class discussions by incorporating Pocket Prep questions into your classroom or webinar sessions. This can be based on topics that students struggle with the most, questions they have missed or flagged, or topics currently being discussed. This interactive approach promotes a collaborative learning environment and allows for in-depth exploration of key concepts.

5. Flagged Question Fridays - Students have the option to flag a question in the Pocket Prep app and revisit it at a later time. As an instructor, you can check the questions that students have flagged through the Instructor Dashboard. Let your students know you will review these flagged questions and schedule a class discussion to address any commonly flagged questions. You can access the flagged questions from the Content tab to see all of them or choose a specific student to view their flagged questions individually. This feature promotes active learning and helps address any areas of confusion or difficulty that students may have.

6. Creating Friendly Competitions - Implement regular challenges for students to answer a specific number of questions. Recognize and reward students who successfully complete the challenge. Additionally, consider providing a reward for the student with the highest percentage of correct answers.

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