Pocket Prep Implementation ideas
Ideas on how to implement Pocket Prep into your organization’s program
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1. Teach the Teacher - Using questions within Pocket Prep to create an assignment where students do a quick lesson on teaching the topic to the Teacher and other students.

2. Class Discussion with Pocket Prep Questions – Display Pocket Prep questions in a classroom or webinar session for class discussions on topic(s). This could be based on common Weakest Subject, Missed or Flagged questions, or topics being discussed at the time.

3. Flagged Question Fridays - The Instructor Dashboard allows you to see what questions students are flagging in their Study App. Let students know you will review the flagged questions and make time for a class discussion about commonly flagged questions. You can view Flagged questions from the new Content tab, to see all flagged questions, or by selecting a specific student, to see what individuals have flagged.

4. Use Pocket Prep Quiz Modes for Assignments - Our Quick 10, Build Your Own, Missed Questions, Timed Quiz, or Weakest Subject quizzes can provide opportunities for learning, based on your class needs at the time.

5. Incorporating Pocket Prep into your class or program’s grade – For example, if a student answers 80% of the Pocket Prep questions you can give them an 80% on a portion of the overall grade. You could add in bonuses the more questions they get correct. If students know it is a part of their grade, they will more than likely use Pocket Prep.

6. Creating Friendly Competitions - Create periodic challenges with students to answer a certain number of questions. Reward students who meet the challenge. Possibly give a reward for the highest percentage correct.

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