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Instructor Dashboard Update 1.0: New Content tab, Flagged questions, Access to Exam Prep
Instructor Dashboard Update 1.0: New Content tab, Flagged questions, Access to Exam Prep

New features and changes in Instructor Dashboard

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What's new in Instructor dashboard

Instructor Dashboard 1.0 is here, and with it comes several new highly requested features.

We couldn’t have made these features happen without the great feedback we’ve received, and we can’t wait to collaborate more in the future to continue improving your Instructor Dashboard experience.

If you have any questions or feedback about these features or the update itself, please reach out to us!

New Content tab with question bank access

You now have access to the new “Content” tab in Instructor Dashboard. You'll find the following in this tab:

  • The full question bank, question choices, and answer explanations.

  • Data on which questions individual students or groups answered correctly, incorrectly, or flagged.

  • Filter questions by specific subjects to drill down further into areas you and your students should focus on

Flagged questions

One of our most anticipated features - flagged questions gives your students the ability to flag any question they need some clarification on or extra help with.

Access flagged questions directly in the content tab to see which questions students have flagged, and why, by digging into students' answer choices and the answer explanations Pocket Prep has provided. You'll also see the number of students who have flagged a question so you can hone in on content that your students need a bit more support on.

This is just the start of the flagged questions feature, we plan to add even more ways to gather insights on your students' progress in the future.

Easy access the student Exam Prep app

Want to see what your students are experiencing with Pocket Prep (or brush up on some material yourself)? You can now access the Pocket Prep Study App directly from Instructor Dashboard and switch between both seamlessly.

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