Your instructor or admin will send you your unique Pocket Prep license via email. Once you receive the email, follow the steps below to connect your license to an existing or new Pocket Prep account.

Existing accounts:

Already have progress in the app? If you're logged in, look at your settings to see which email address your account is using. You'll want to use this same email to sign in when claiming your license.

  1. Tap “Sign in” on your email invite. This will bring you to a sign in page on the web version of Pocket Prep where you can sign in to your existing account.

    Note: Currently, you cannot claim your license in our mobile app. You'll need to sign in with a browser. After you claim your license in the web version of Pocket Prep, you'll be able to go back to your Pocket Prep app on your phone. You'll have premium access regardless of which platform you use to study.

  2. Sign in using the email address of your preferred account. There are two methods to sign in.

    1. If you use "Send magic link", you'll receive an email with a button labeled "Finishing signing in". Click that email button to finishing signing in without needing to type your password.

    2. If you know your password, you can choose to sign in with your password by clicking "Use password to sign in".

  3. After you're signed in, you’ll automatically be taken to the settings page with your license code pre-filled. Click “Activate License Code” to apply the license to your account.

  4. You've successfully claimed your license. You get free premium prep thanks to your organization!

    Note: if you use a Pocket Prep app to study on your phone, you’ll see that you have premium prep after claiming your license. You can check this on the Stats tab. Right under "Stats" at the top of the screen, you should see your exam name followed by "Premium". You'll also notice that your remaining question count has increased because you now have access to the full question bank.

New accounts:

  1. Click “Create account” on your email invite.

  2. This will bring you to a register page on the web version of Pocket Prep with your email address and license code pre-filled.

    Note: You can sign in to the web and app versions of Pocket Prep with either a magic link or password. Magic link is selected by default and lets you sign in by clicking a button in an email instead of typing a password. If you’d prefer to sign in using a password just tap “Create password manually”.

  3. Click “Submit” on the register page to create your new account with premium access.

  4. You've successfully claimed your license and created your Pocket Prep account.

    Note: You can keep studying on the web, or you can download our iOS or Android apps. Your progress will be synced and up to date regardless of which platform or combo of platforms you choose to study with.

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