Admin vs. Instructor, what's the difference?
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Admins and Instructors each have unique permissions in the Instructor Dashboard.


Admins have access to view and make changes to all of the instructors, students, groups, and exams within their program. They help manage the setup and smooth operation of the Instructor Dashboard.

Some standard Admin responsibilities may include:

  • Inviting instructors to use the Instructor Dashboard

  • Assigning new exams, groups, or students to instructors

  • Creating and managing groups within their program

  • Checking on instructors to ensure they are set up for success


Instructors use the Instructor Dashboard to monitor student and class progress. Compared to Admins, Instructors are limited to view the students, groups, and exams that they created or have been assigned. Because of this, Instructors typically stick to making changes to or monitoring their individual groups.

Some standard Instructor responsibilities may include:

  • Distributing student licenses to their class(es)

  • Monitoring class progress with subject insights

  • Monitoring individual student progress

  • Creating groups within their class

Some of these responsibilities may overlap or fall under a different role depending on your program. For example, an Admin may choose to check in on individual student progress or distribute student licenses. You have the freedom to decide which responsibilities make sense for you and your colleagues to manage.

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