In a group’s stats you can monitor subject scores at a group level to see which subjects your group is weak or strong in. There are two chart options that both show this in different ways, "Individual Scores" and "Group Distribution".

Group Distribution

"Group Distribution" shows a distribution histogram. Along the x axis, scores are divided by 10% increments, and up the y-axis you'll see the count of the number of students who scored within each 10% range. This view is particularly helpful for large groups of students.

Each chart provides a visual representation of how your students are performing as a whole within each particular subject area. On the rights side of each chart, you'll also find a a breakdown of the percentage of students who are scoring above 75%, between 50% - 75%, and below 50%.

Individual Scores

"Individual Scores" will show you a bar chart of your students’ individual subject scores organized from lowest to highest. This makes it easy to see how your students are doing per subject. As you scroll down, you can visually compare subject scores. By default, the subjects are organized by lowest average score to highest average score.

Each chart provides a visual representation of how each student is performing within that particular subject area. On the right side of each chart you'll also find the highest and lowest individual scores, and an average for all students.

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