What are groups and how do I create them?
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Groups are a way to gather students together for easier monitoring and analysis of their progress. By creating groups, you can view group stats and compare the performance of different groups of students. Think of groups as subgroups within a class, where multiple students are combined into one simple view. There are no restrictions on the number of groups you can create, allowing you to have as many or as few as you need to effectively manage your students.

In group stats, you’ll see:

  • Total number of students in your group

  • Average score of students in your group

  • The number of questions answered out of the total question bank

  • Subject insights for every subject in your exam. You can switch between a group distribution chart and a sorted bar graph of individual scores.

When you set up your organization’s Instructor Dashboard a group will automatically be created with the exam name, or the group name you choose in the setup process. An additional group will be automatically generated for every admin or instructor that is added to the Instructor Dashboard.

To access groups, navigate to the Settings view from the top banner in the Dashboard. Scroll down to the My Groups | Organization Groups area. The system created groups will be under the Organization Groups tab. Additionally, any group you create and mark for anyone in your organization to use will be under Organization Groups and My Groups.

By default, the Exam Name group will show up on the top left side of the Stats page. The system created groups, for each additional admin or instructor you invite, will be hidden by default. You can choose to Hide/Show any of these groups on the left page of the Stats tab from the Organization Groups area.

Creating additional groups

If you have multiple groups of students using Pocket Prep, it can be beneficial to create a new group for each cohort. This will enable you to easily track and monitor the usage and progress of each cohort. To ensure a smooth group creation process, we recommend waiting until the students you want to add to any new group have activated their Pocket Prep licenses. You can see all the students who have activated their license under the Active Students tab within Settings.

Once the students have activated their license you can create a new group. The first method is through the Stats tab.

1. Navigate to the left side of the page and select the “+” in the “groups” area

2. Select “Create New Group” from the drop down menu

3. A new tab will appear on the right side of your screen. From here, you can create your Group Name, set permissions of who can use and edit the group, then you can select the Add Students button on the bottom of the tab.

4. Select the students you’d like to include in the group. Again, students will only show up here once they have activated their license. When you’re finished, select the Preview Group button.

5. You’ll be presented with a preview of your group. If everything looks correct you can select the Add Group button.

Your group will now be added to the My Groups tab in Settings and to the Groups view in the upper left side of Stats tab page.

Note: You can also create groups from the Settings view. Simply scroll down to the My Groups area, select + Add New Group, and follow the same steps as above.

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